August: Shop on Holiday

Hello my darlings!

This year has been a hectic blur of anxiety, hasn't it? Half the time I don't know what I'm allowed/ not allowed to be doing, where I'm allowed to go/ not allowed to go, who I'm allowed to see, how I'm allowed to exist in this world. 

With change comes opportunity. 

As the world has felt as it's been half-falling apart, the soap business has been busy. I'm grateful that I've been able to toil away at making products for you, because it's kept my mind and hands pre-occupied for the few months. 

It's been so busy for my little old self that I've had to get help. As this business has grown, we've been able to put other hands to work. We've also had to pivot really quickly into the pick-up/ delivery game and have been able to offer you new and more affordable shipping options. 

This new way of operating has been exciting for me - a critical observation during this time is that if I'm not learning every day, then I'm just standing still. New information motivates me to continuously adapt because...

If you don't adapt, you die. 

And truly, I want to make this soap company viable for many years to come. I love how plugged in it makes me feel to the community. Every order I pack, each bath bomb I mold - I feel grateful to serve in a way that feels helpful. 

But I don't want to burnout

As someone who is susceptible to burnout, I've learned that I need to take time off. Not just a day or two here and there, but a few weeks or a month. It's critical for me to hit the reset button. It overall reduces my stress and increases my productivity in the long run. I want to be able to continue with positivity and good momentum, which is why I'll be off for the month of August - and the shop will be closed too. 

Thank-you for all of your love, encouragement and support over the past few months. I'm stoked that I get to be your soap lady. 

Much love and see you in September,