Helpful Tips for Tough Times

It's been a challenging few years for all of us as we collectively navigate the impacts of the pandemic. We have all been effected in some way or another whether it's job or business related, becoming a teacher to children, if you are a healthcare worker, if your illness impacted your life and those around you, etc. 

Over the years, I've collected and been recommended many helpful resources to help navigate tough times. All of our needs are different and obviously we are a soap company and not healthcare professionals. These are our opinions and we hope that they help you. 

Insight Timer (App)

A free app for sleep, anxiety and stress. This app has thousands of guided meditations to help you during challenging times. 

Tuning into what's going on inside of you can being challenging on your own sometimes. A good guided meditation always helps to unlock my frustrations, anxieties and pain and name them. 


Virtual Yoga 

Depending on where you are located, you may want to seek someone in your area since it helps you to connect to real people in your community. Our company is in Guelph, ON and we have done some of the Moonlight Yoga classes online. 

Strava (App)

Tracking my physical activity has been hugely beneficial to me during the pandemic. You can also follow other athletes/ friends to see what other people are up to. What's nice about Strava is that you can join challenges. 

Public Library Resources

Your library card allows you access to a great deal of free resources including e-books, movies, music, technology and more. Our public library even offers free passes to our local conservation area in the summertime. 

Get Creative

Creativity isn't one of those things that you necessarily need to invest a lot of money in to do. I often scrounge for art-making materials, I use paper, cardboard, glue sticks, magazines and make collages. I also knit, paint and draw. These acts of creation have nothing to do with making money, showing anyone what I've created. They are just purely for me. Having a creative outlet I think is an overlooked part of wellness.