Rest, Recovery & Dance: Q & A with Stephanie Vigers

We asked Stephanie Vigers, owner of En Pointe Fitness, some questions about her dance career and the importance of rest and recovery to her practice. 


Stephanie is a professionally trained ballet dancer. She started taking pilates classes during her time as a dancer and fell in love with the benefits she experienced. This helped her shift her career focus and she became a pilates instructor and created En Pointe. 

The Sage Soap Company: How has movement been a core part of your career?

Stephanie Vigers: I began dancing at the age of 3 therefore movement has been a lifestyle that evolved into a career, beginning in the dance world and segueing to include Pilates and fitness.  I have been fortunate enough to build a career around my passion and share with others the joy and benefits of dance and movement. 

I swear by a hot bath after a long day

SSC: Why is movement so important for you?

SV: Movement is a creative outlet for my mind and my body, an escape and opportunity to dive within myself, to tune into my emotions and be present.  When the outside world feels crazy, dance/movement grounds me, it gives my very busy mind a place to rest and be free of external stressors.  Feeling strong, fluid and connected within my body is so important to me.

proper recovery and taking the time to rest my body is essential

SSC: How does movement help your customers?

Movement has given my clients the opportunity to explore themselves, reach their goals and given them the curiosity and willingness to try new things. I have students who have always wanted to take ballet as a child but for a variety of reasons never did.  Watching them reconnect with their childhood ambitions as adults has been beautiful.  You develop a more confident relationship with your body when you move regularly and with variety.

SSC: How important is rest and recovery?

SV: My days are packed with intense movement and exercise, if I don't recover properly I'm at a heightened risk of injury or illness thus sidelining myself and my ability to do my job. Finding a proper recovery method and taking the time to rest my body is essential and non-negotiable.  

I swear by a hot bath with Recover Bath Bombs after a long and intense day, I drink a giant glass of water while I soak to further support the flushing of the lactic acid buildup in my muscles. It's game changing and I wake up with minimal muscle aches and stiffness the next day.   It's also a little thank you note to my body (and myself) for working so hard.

Stephanie has been a long-time supporter of The Sage Soap Company. We asked her to be part of our Recovery Magnesium Line campaign to spread the word about the benefits of our magnesium products.