Self-Worth, High-Performance & Recovery: Q & A with Sandra Dynka

woman holds tennis ball

We asked Sandra Dynka, the Director of Player Development and Performance Training at the GSM Tennis Club in Kitchener and the owner of Wildcard & Co. a company that helps businesses manage their social media, some questions about her dance career and the importance of rest and recovery to her practice. 

The Sage Soap Company (SSC): How has movement been a core part of your career?

Sandra Dynka (SD): Although movement has always been a huge part of my career, HOW that is the case has changed over the years. While I was playing tennis professionally, my movement was very closely tied to outcomes which sometimes meant how “well” I did it was also tied to my self-worth. 

Today, while coaching my students, as well as in my own movement practices, I have the opportunity to teach others how beautiful and unique movement can be for all of us and that how “good” we are at it (based on societal norms) does not need to be tied to our self-worth. 

SSC: Why is movement so important for you?

SD: Currently, movement is important for me because it is helping me love and appreciate myself exactly as I am. It is a work in progress, but I am loving learning about movement for MYSELF, in ways that make ME feel good. It is a healing process because the relationship I used to have with movement was very much not about feeling good but rather about performing well. I am so grateful for both perspectives. 

Rest and recovery make me happier, healthier and WAY more fun to be around. 

SSC: How does movement help your customers?

Movement helps my clients in many different ways. Some use it as stress relief, some use it as training for competitions, some use it as a way to connect with others, some use it to learn a new skill… etc. It is fun to get to witness all of the above, it challenges me as a coach and brings out different sides of my personality. 

SSC: How important is rest and recovery?

So important. Wow. I have learned quite recently that I often need mental rest just as much as I need physical rest (sounds obvious, I know). I’m proud of the fact that I like to hustle and work hard, it is part of who I am. But, I am working on recognizing that this doesn’t mean that I never get to rest. Rest and recovery make me happier, healthier and WAY more fun to be around. 

Fun fact: I’m not sure if this counts as rest (I don’t think it does) but sometimes, when I need a change of scenery, my favourite place to get work done on my laptop is in the bath with my SSC bath salts and candles. 


Sandra has been a long-time supporter of The Sage Soap Company. We asked her to be part of our Recovery Magnesium Line campaign to spread the word about the benefits of our magnesium products.