Storing natural care products at home

When you buy products from The Sage Soap Company, you are purchasing a high-quality handmade item that does not include synthetic fragrances or preservatives. 

We recommend that people consume their products within 1-2 months of purchasing them, although each product has a different recommended expiration date. 

As a general rule of thumb - store your natural care products in a cool, dark place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. 

Note sure when something expires? Use the smell test. 

Let your nose be your guide. 

Many of our products contain essential oils with a carrier oil base and/ or butters or other plant-based ingredients. If something smells rancid or "off - it’s probably passed its prime. 



  • Soap: store in a cool, dark, dry place. Ideally away from any humid areas in your home. Use within a year. 
  • Bath bombs: store in a cool, dark, dry place. Use within 4 months. 
  • Shower Steamers: use within 6 months. Store in a sealed container for freshness. 
  • Body Butter, Face & Body Oils: use within 8 months- 1 year. Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.