Yoga is more than just touching your toes: Q&A with yogi Laura Paaren

We asked Laura Paaren, yogi and owner of Moonight Yoga about their career in movement and the importance of rest and recovery in life. 

The Sage Soap Company: How has movement been a core part of your career?

Laura Paaren: Ever since I can remember movement has been a part of my life. Like many, I was very drawn to the physical practice of yoga, asana. Also like many, I associated yoga with being able to touch my toes. Yoga was something that I did and checked off my to-do list. Much has changed since then! Over the years of teaching and practicing, the ways that I move and teach movement have evolved. More than stretching or a workout, yoga is a way of being and living. I am truly grateful I get to share it with others. 

More than stretching or a workout, yoga is a way of being and living

SSC: Why is movement so important for you?

More and more, movement feels more important for my mind than my body. It’s something that I can do in any increment (5mins to 50mins and beyond) at varying intensity levels (low, medium, high or a combination) that can offer a shift in my energy and a reset for my nervous system. It’s a way for me to feel more connected to myself, others and the world around me. 

SSC: How does movement help your customers?

LP: Aside from the physical benefits that include but aren’t limited to strength, flexibility and improved range of motion which can help people live their lives with more ease and less tension, yoga is a practice that can offer a way for people to feel at home in their body and mind. I hope that those who practice with me can connect to this sense of belonging when they are on, but more importantly, off the mat. 

it’s normal to feel resistance to slowing down

SSC: How important is rest and recovery?

LP: So important! But also, so difficult. Rest is something I struggle with all the time. I find it helpful to remind myself that rest is a practice, just like movement or learning a new skill. Our bodies and minds are usually pretty stimulated throughout the day so it’s normal to feel resistance to slowing down. My favourite ways to rest are setting up in a cozy spot outdoors with my dog and a picnic blanket, or enjoying a nice hot soak with The Sage Soap Company recovery bath bomb… but seriously, it’s the perfect restful elixir. 


Laura has been a friend and collaborator with us at The Sage Soap Company for many years. We asked Laura to be a part of our Recovery Magnesium Line campaign to help spread the word about the benefits of our magnesium products.