Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen

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Our sunscreen is made up of high-quality natural, soothing active ingredients including carrot seed oil, coconut oil, and zinc oxide. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Carrot seed oil: Thanks to the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 40, this oil can protect your skin by blocking 97.5% of UVB rays. It contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E and Beta Carotene.
  • Coconut Oil: People call coconut as an original sunscreen. Although it has a low SPF, it is highly useful because of its other qualities like having medium-chain fatty acids. It will form a protective (fatty) layer to your skin. Moreover, its microbial and anti-bacterial benefits take its value to the next level.
  • Zinc Oxide: It is one of those few ingredients that can protect your skin against both, UVA as well as UVB. It provides broader coverage than other ingredients. It works very quickly; you don’t need to wait too much before sun exposure.

Note: This sunscreen is not waterproof so you will need to reapply after swimming!