Soothe Magnesium Bath Bomb

Soothe Magnesium Bath Bomb

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We rely on our bodies for so much. Every day, it delivers - helps us to do what is needed to get through the day. Some days it's harder than others, and on those days I've found that giving my body a nice soak in the tub helps to soothe my physical, spiritual and psychological pain. 

This formula was crafted with a combination of magnesium, lavender and chamomile to provide you with a gentle and therapetic experience. 


Helps you to relax after a long day. 


Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, mango butter, cocoa butter, aqua, magnesium chloride, chamomile, lavender and chamomile essential oils. 

How to Use

Draw a bath to a comfortable temperature. Get in. Add your bath bomb to the bath and relax. The sides of your tub might need a wipe down when you're done. 


Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Sunlight will dissipate the essential oils quickly. 

Kid Safe - Easy on Sensitive Skin - All Natural Ingredients