Manorun Farm Soap

Manorun Farm Soap

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Manorun Organic Farm is a family run farm set on the edge of the Niagara escarpment amongst the low drumlins of Copetown. Copetown is situated on the rural border of Ancaster and Dundas - just a short 5 minute drive from either town. Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti have been farming organically for 20 years and offer organic vegetables through a "farmer to eater" relationship known as Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. The farm is 25 acres in total and includes vegetables, herbs, pasture raised livestock, grain and hay. Most of the work on the farm is done by hand and so that involves lots of help.

After a visit to the farm this spring, I was struck by the possibility of doing a soap that included almost 100% local ingredients. This meant stepping away from my plant-based focus and using lard from the farm. I think that the departure from my core ingredient set was important. The impact that shipping oils around the world has is greater than using an animal byproduct from a local farm. In the spirit of local food sustainability, I created a soap that is close to 90% locally made.

Lard makes a creamy soap that has an exceptional lather. It has a neutral scent, with a hint of sage and lavender.  

In additional to lard, I used black walnut shells and hazelnut shells, both grown on the farm. This gives the soap a natural exfoliating texture. 

Ingredients: saponified oils of lard and olive, black walnut shells, hazelnut shells, essential oils: lavender and sage.