Clean Jar Return Program

One way to have a more sustainable lifestyle is to avoid the use of single-use plastics. At The Sage Soap Company, we have been increasingly moving away from packaging that uses plastics as much as possible.

Our new jar return program allows you to return your used jar and receive a discount on your next purchase.

Return a clean jar to the shop and get $1 off your next purchase of products with replaceable jars.

Sage Soap Company products only please: 8oz soy wax candles, deodorant, petal cream, bath salts, body butter, salve, sugar scrub. 

Please remove all product and product residue before you return your jar. Dirty jars or jars from other companies will not be accepted. 


Shower Steamers/ Bath Bomb Refills 

Feel free to bring your own re-usable container(s) to refill your shower steamers or bath bombs.