Botanical Bug Repellant Spray Pre-Launch

Botanical Bug Repellant Spray Pre-Launch

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This July, we’ll be producing a limited run of botanical insect repelling sprays. We get a lot of requests for this product and I’ve been testing out formulas to bring you one that works great. The sprays come in two sizes: 4oz (purse/ small back-pack friendly) or 8oz (for beside the door, at the cottage or for long trips).

Why we love it

  • It smells really good, not overly chemically like some bug sprays
  • DEET-Free and good for sensitive skin
  • Made with plant-based ingredients (vegan & cruelty free)
  • It won’t wreck your clothes or outdoor gear

    How the pre-launch works:

    • Pre-purchase your bottles online before July 26th.
    • The week of July 27th all orders will be delivered or shipped
    • Orders of $20+ qualify for free local delivery
    • Any remaining bottles from the pre-launch will be listed online until we exhaust the stock. 

    Ingredient List

    Hamemelis (witch hazel), aqua, acetic acid, vegetable glycerin, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm hydrosol), isopropyl alcohol, citronellal (citronella essential oil), lavendula offinalis (lavender essential oil), pelargonium (geranium essential oil), Corymbia citriodora (lemon eucalyptus essential oil), salvia rosmarinus (rosemary essential oil).