Cloudy Daydream Soap

Cloudy Daydream Soap

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Step into a surreal world of enchantment with Cloudy Daydream soap, a captivating creation that transcends the boundaries of reality. Immerse yourself in a whimsical experience as delicate ylang-ylang dances on your skin, like ethereal whispers of a forgotten melody. Let the citrusy notes of bergamot intertwine with the zesty charm of lemongrass, conjuring a vibrant symphony that ignites your senses.

As you lather your hands with this extraordinary soap, watch as fluffy clouds of lather transport you to a dreamscape where the sky meets the horizon in a swirl of pastel hues. Let the gentle touch of the soap caress your skin, leaving behind a trail of tender nostalgia and magic. Surrender to the enchanting aroma that floats through the air, inviting you to surrender to the allure of daydreams. With Cloudy Daydream soap, each cleansing ritual becomes an extraordinary voyage into a realm where imagination reigns supreme.

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Essential oil blend: ylang ylang, bergamot and lemongrass.