Moon Essential Oil Perfume Roller

Moon Essential Oil Perfume Roller

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Soothing and rejuvenating promote a feeling of positivity. Use this essential oil blend to relieve stress and calm the nerves. Frankincense and clary sage have hormone-balancing properties that are great for women during the different cycles of the moon. This blend creates a sense of peace.

Designed for balancing the mind and body. Use this grounding, relaxing aromatherapy blend to anoint yourself when you need to center yourself and relax. Perfect for lunar rituals and invoking peaceful mediation.


Essential oils: Frankincense, Patchouli (for grounding & clarity), Lavender (for relaxation), Clary sage (for wisdom) essential oils, infused with selenite, labradorite and amethyst crystals.


Apply the anointing oil to your temples, neck, wrists, or anywhere you want to feel the sun on your skin.


0.5oz roll-on perfume 


Wonderlust is curated and handmade by Juliana Lachance