Flower Power Bath Bomb

Flower Power Bath Bomb

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It's the 1960s, but for your tub. This bath bomb is all about making love, not war. 

A flowery blend of ylang ylang, geranium and lavender brings our floral A-game to your tub. A beautiful blend of dried flowers - rose, lavender, strawflower, calendula and chamomile creates a beautiful soak, that will leave you feeling relaxed and silky smooth. 


A natural mood enhancing floral essential oil blend. Each bath bomb is made with rich plant butters that will leave you feeling silky soft. 


Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, mango butter, cocoa butter, aqua, ylang ylang, lavender and geranium essential oils. 

How to Use

Draw a bath to a comfortable temperature. Get in. Add your bath bomb to the bath and relax. The sides of your tub might need a wipe down when you're done. 


Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Sunlight will dissipate the essential oils quickly. 

Kid Safe - Easy on Sensitive Skin - All Natural Ingredients