Harmony Incense Sticks
Harmony Incense Sticks

Harmony Incense Sticks

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 (n) process of valuing, expressing, and promoting love, trust, admiration, peace, respect, generosity and equity upon other people. 

Organic Rosemary

Love the feeling of a calm and serene space? This incense can be described as gentle, lush and relaxing. This historical perfume delivers an immense amount of healing for your mood.  Handcrafted with wild-crafted Rosemary essential oil. 

Use this incense for: Clearing the air

Burn Time: Each stick burns for 45-60 minutes!

What you get: 20 incense sticks packaged in a recyclable plastic sleeve and then boxed to keep your sticks smelling awesome. 


About the Maker

Incense Republic is a female-operated business that creates their products in Toronto, ON. Their products are is all natural, hand-dipped, and high-quality to ensure they smell as fresh as they are.