Low Waste Home Box
Low Waste Home Box

Low Waste Home Box

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Reducing your waste is difficult and so much of our consumables are packaged in single-use plastics that are filling landfills and some can take hundreds of years to break down. By replacing some every day household items, you can start making an impact on the amount of waste you produce. 

Are you, or someone you know getting started on their lower waste journey? We have assembled a selection of low waste home items to get you started. 

What's Included? 

  • A 12-pack of reusable cloth napkins. 
  • 1 Reusable Sampler Pack (with cloth wipes and UNpaper towels)
  • 3 reusable and compostable cotton tea bags 
  • A Handmade wooden soap dish
  • 1 bar of soap & reusable soap saver bag 
  • 1 compostable jute scrub pad

All packaging is paper and can be re-used.