Sleep Potion Essential Oil Perfume Roller

Sleep Potion Essential Oil Perfume Roller

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This relaxing blend was designed to help prepare your mind and body for sleep. With an aroma reminiscent of a tranquil garden of flowers, use this oil wihen you want to invoke peace.

An uplifting blend of essential oils that melts away the worries and stress of the day. Soothing flowers and herbs add some magic to your nighttime ritual as you prepare for the dream world. Excellent for relaxing during the day, apply this anointing oil any time you need a moment to yourself.


Essential oils: Bergamot (for peace), Lavender (for balance, calmness, and sleep), Ylang ylang (for alleviating anxiety), Marjoram ( for stress relief), Mugwort (a natural sedative), infused with grapeseed oil and amethyst crystal.


Apply the anointing oil to your temples, neck, wrists, or anywhere you want to feel the sun on your skin.


0.5oz roll-on perfume 


Wonderlust is curated and handmade by Juliana Lachance