Summit Rose Sanctuary Soap

Summit Rose Sanctuary Soap

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 Step into the world of "Summit Rose Sanctuary," Soap a personal favourite here at The Sage Soap Company. This soap isn't just about cleansing – it's a whole experience.

Imagine strolling through a majestic mountain garden, surrounded by the gentle fragrance of blooming roses and the crisp scent of fir trees. That's the vibe we've bottled up in this bar.

We've whipped up a blend of organic coconut oil, olive, and grapeseed oils to give your skin some serious TLC. And the essential oils? Geranium, rose, and balsam fir. Trust me, it's like a hug from Mother Nature herself.

But here's the secret sauce – French pink and green clays, known for their skin-loving magic. They'll leave you feeling purified and oh-so-refreshed. And to top it off, we've scattered in some delicate rose buds for that extra touch of luxury.

So if you're craving a little piece of mountain tranquility in your daily routine, "Summit Rose Sanctuary" is your ticket. Go ahead, treat yourself – you deserve it.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic coconut oil, olive and grapeseed, geranium, rose and balsam fir essential oils, French pink and green clays, rose buds.