DIY toothpaste

There are a million and one reasons to try making your own toothpaste. A friend of mine made me a batch about a year ago and I enjoyed it, but then switched back to the store-bought stuff. However, a customer reminded me today of all of the crap that gets put into products that are meant to have a long shelf life... so today I made a batch of my own homemade toothpaste. I cobbled together a few recipes that I found on the Internet.

DIY Toothpaste Recipe

1.5 tbsp organic coconut oil

3 tbsp baking soda (a little extra if needed)

2 tsp sea salt

8 drops clove essential oil (to taste)

A small jar with a lid


1. Melt coconut oil in a sauce pan. Remove from heat once the oil has melted. (Be careful not to leave it on the element for too long!) 

2. Add dry ingredients. 

3. Mix ingredients together until a paste is formed. Add additional baking soda to thicken the paste. 

4. Add essential oil to taste. 

5. Pour the warm mixture into a jar while it's still warm. Let cool.

6. Brush your teeth!